Ex-wife of singer Marc Anthony wants increased child support

Divorces in Los Angeles and anywhere else that involve child custody and child support issues can be very difficult to go through. Divorce is tough enough on its own, but when children are put in a position to have to live with one parent or the other it can be very stressful for both child and parent. Child support payments are also very contentious at times as the estranged couple tries to determine a fair amount.

Pop singer Marc Anthony is facing a child support battle from his second ex-wife, Dayanara Torres who is seeking a boost in the monthly amount she currently receives. According to reports, Ms. Torres wants Mr. Anthony to pay $112,000 a month instead of the current amount of $13,000 a month. Ms. Torres claims that her ex-husband’s income has greatly increased since they divorced and that he should be paying more to help care for their two sons who are 12 and 10.

However, despite reportedly making millions of dollars from several different business ventures, including his singing career and clothing line, Mr. Anthony says he will fight the lawsuit. His attorney also claims that Mr. Anthony is already paying more than the $13,000 a month he was order to originally pay to help care for the boys.

In the end it will be up to a judge to decide who is right in this case and how much money will need to be paid. Anyone in who is facing a battle over child support payments probably should seek the professional help of an experienced family law attorney.

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