Bethenny Frankel's Divorce Just Got More Expensive

Reality TV star and creator of the Skinnygirl brand, Bethenny Frankel, is going through an already difficult divorce. And it just became more expensive.

Frankel Financially Responsible for Hoppy

Earlier this year, Bethenny’s soon-to-be-ex husband, Jason Hoppy, filed documents that requested Frankel be held financially responsible for the mounting legal fees he was incurring as a result of the divorce. The judge has just granted his request. The court has ordered Frankelto pay out $100,000 in legal fees to the attorney that represents Hoppy.

$100,000 Deduction

What this ruling essentially means is that the $100,000 will eventually be deducted from the final settlement she reaches with Hoppy. An insider close to Hoppy says, “Jason would like to get the divorce and custody settled, once and for all.”

Other Issues in Frankel’s Divorce

Since the initial filing in January 2013 both Frankel and Hoppy have been at each other’s throats – fighting over money made during their marriage with the Skinnygirl brand and the custody of their daughter, Bryn. The pair signed a pre-nuptial agreement, which may bar him from claiming the majority of the money made from the Skinnygirl brand. Hoppy feels he has a right to a portion of the profits that were earned during the time of their marriage. Initially both filed for joint custody of Bryn, but as tensions have grown, Frankel is requesting full custody with Hoppy having visitation rights. Adding to the list, the two have also been in a standoff regarding their New York City home, both initially refusing to move out. While Frankel did ultimately decide to move out, she is still seeking ownership of the home as a part of the divorce settlement.

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