Taping Confession Might Cost Right to Marital Estate

When Faye Grant taped Stephen Collins’ confession to child molestation it might have cost her the right to his money in their much-publicized divorce.

Decision to Record

The Los Angeles court judge presiding over the couple’s divorce proceedings will need to address a recently filed statement by Collins’s attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan. The statement claims the actress jeopardized her stake in the couple’s marital estate when she decided to record Collins’s confession of child molestation.

“The recording was made by Faye solely to benefit herself, and she did not have any altruistic motives at all,” according to the filing. “This was evident in her emails to Stephen immediately after Stephen left the family residence, as she sent a series of emails asking him to pay what she was requesting so as to preclude her from ‘taking him to the cleaners.’ ”

Responsible for Leak

Kaplan is also hoping to demonstrate Grant was responsible for the leak of the tape to the press. “While Faye might be confident that because no photograph exists of her handing the recording to the receptionist at TMZ, she therefore can say she didn’t give the recording to TMZ, she certainly shouldn’t be found without responsibility for maintaining the custodial privacy of her copies of the recording in a way to assure they wouldn’t get into the public domain,” the filing states.

While Grant contends she released the tape to authorities in 2012, she maintains she did not release the tape to TMZ.

Chances to Estate Hurt?

This filing from Collin’s attorney follows Gran’t attorney’s Jan. 5 ask to re-open discovery on if her chances to get half of the couple’s estate were hurt by her taping his Collins” confession.

Collins’s attorney accused Grant’s team of stalling, while also argued his client’s support payments to the former actress be suspended. “It’s not fair that Collins is paying $13,000 based on … income for which he does not have,” Kaplan said.

The trial will begin on Feb 9. Last month, Collins released a statement in which he admitted to having inappropriate sexual conduct with three female minors.

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Source: Time, The 3 Most Important Things to Do Before Announcing You Want a Divorce, January 13, 2015

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