Kardashian - Odom Divorce at a Standstill

It’s been almost a year since Khloe Kardashian filed for divorce from estranged husband Lamar Odom. Despite the fact that she filed on September 13, 2013, the divorce is not finalized.

Divorce Not Finalized

Since Odom and Kardashian, 30, broke up she has failed to retrieve her “single status,” despite the fact that she could proceed with a divorce without his signature. According to Life&Style, both Khloe and Lamar have received a notice from The Superior Court of California County “alerting both Lamar and Khloe that their divorce is not complete — and once again, she didn’t respond.” The two will get a little time to decide on how to proceed before they receive a status conference. During the status conference, the couple will be asked to decide if they will continue with the divorce proceedings.

What is a Status Conference?

Once you have initially filed for divorce, the Court sends out a “Notice to Appear” at a Status Conference. This date is usually scheduled 3-5 months following the filing of the Petition for Dissolution. Both parties, as well as their attorneys, are required to appear at the Status Conference. The judge then asks for a status on the divorce. If you have representation, they will provide the judge with a brief report. You attorney may also request that deadlines regarding procedural issues be set.

What if You Don’t Appear at the Status Conference?

If you and your spouse do not show up at the Status Conference, the Court will then send you a second Notice To Appear. If you miss this second Status Conference, the judge is able to dismiss your case, on the assumption that you no longer wish to get divorced. If you do want to get divorced, you will need to start the six-month process again, which also means paying filing fees again.

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Source: Entertainment Wise, Is Khloe Kardashian And Lamar Odom’s Divorce Cancelled?, December 4, 2014

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