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Divorce trials can be emotionally charged, challenging, and even a little messy if things get out of hand. For this reason, the Law Offices of Korol & Velen recommends that couples explore other options before taking their case to court.

Mediation is one of the options worth exploring, as it is one of the most common methods of negotiating a divorce settlement. Contact us now to find out if mediation is right for you!

To find out if mediation is right for you, speak with an experienced Los Angeles mediation lawyer at our firm today. Contact us online or call our firm at (818) 962-4669 to get started!

What Is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a collaborative process where a neutral third party, known as a mediator, assists divorcing couples in reaching an agreement on various aspects of their separation, including asset division, child custody, and support arrangements.

Unlike traditional litigation, which often involves a combative and adversarial approach, mediation focuses on open communication and negotiation, providing a private, less formal setting where couples can work out disputes amicably and efficiently. This method not only reduces the emotional tension and conflict often associated with divorce proceedings but also offers many benefits when compared to traditional court battles.

What Are the Differences Between Divorce Court and Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation in Los Angeles provides a stark contrast to the traditional trial process. Where a trial often positions the parties against each other in a battle overseen by a judge, a divorce mediator facilitates a cooperative environment. The mediator helps both parties communicate their needs and negotiate agreements directly, without the adversarial nature of a courtroom setting. This fundamental difference paves the way for numerous benefits.


One of the key advantages of opting for divorce mediation over a trial is the significant reduction in emotional and financial stress. Since mediation encourages collaboration and communication, it often leads to more amicable settlements, preserving relationships and reducing the toll on any children involved. Furthermore, because mediation can be scheduled at the convenience of the parties involved, it often results in a quicker resolution than the congested court calendars allow for a trial. This efficiency not only saves time but also substantially decreases legal fees.

Here are some of the benefits of a mediation process:

  • Cost: Mediation usually incurs lower costs compared to divorce court due to the reduced need for extensive legal representation and court fees. It streamlines the process by focusing on negotiation rather than litigation.
  • Time: The time it takes to finalize a divorce through mediation can be significantly less than going through a divorce court. Mediation can be scheduled at the convenience of both parties and does not depend on the crowded court calendar.
  • Confidentiality: Unlike court proceedings, which are public, mediation sessions are private. This confidentiality can make it easier for parties to discuss sensitive issues and reach a more amicable resolution.
  • Control Over Outcome: In mediation, both parties have more control over the outcome of their divorce agreement. Instead of a judge making decisions, the couple works together to reach a mutually beneficial arrangement.
  • Communication: Mediation encourages open communication and cooperation, focusing on win-win solutions rather than adversarial positions. This can be particularly beneficial when children are involved, as it promotes a more amicable post-divorce relationship between parents.
  • Flexibility: The mediation process is more flexible than court proceedings. It allows couples to explore creative solutions to their disputes that might not be available in a more rigid court process.
  • Legal Guidance: While mediators do not offer legal advice, parties are free to, and often do, seek independent legal advice during the mediation process. This enables them to make informed decisions with the guidance of their lawyers without the confrontational atmosphere of a courtroom.

These differences highlight why many couples now consider mediation a preferred alternative to traditional divorce litigation, offering a path to resolution that is often faster, less expensive, and more amicably achieved.

Understanding the Mediation Process in California

The mediation process typically involves the following:

  • The mediator will make introductions and an opening statement
  • Each party is given the opportunity to discuss their side of the case
  • The mediator will begin a discussion with both parties either individually or together
  • After the issues are discussed, the mediator will bring the parties together to negotiate a solution
  • If the negotiations are successful, the mediator will put it in writing and have both parties sign the agreement

How Can a Los Angeles Mediation Lawyer Help?

A mediator attorney assists separating spouses in amicably resolving their custody and family law issues, acting as a neutral facilitator to encourage open communication and mutual understanding. Particularly in Los Angeles, where the emotional and financial stakes can be high, a divorce mediator helps couples avoid the adversarial nature of court proceedings, instead guiding them towards a collaborative solution that respects the interests of both parties and any children involved. By fostering a supportive environment, a mediator attorney ensures that discussions remain focused on the children's welfare and the equitable division of assets, aiming for outcomes that promote lasting co-parenting relationships and financial fairness.

Methods Used by Divorce Mediators in Los Angeles:

  • Facilitated Dialogue: Encourages each party to openly express their needs and concerns, ensuring both voices are heard and considered equally.
  • Problem-solving Techniques: Applies creative strategies to address complex disputes, finding solutions that work for both spouses and any children involved.
  • Negotiation Guidance: Helps the parties understand the negotiation process, guiding them toward mutual compromises on contentious issues.
  • Legal and Emotional Support: While not providing direct legal advice, mediator attorneys can offer general guidance on legal principles and emotional support to help parties make informed decisions.
  • Drafting Agreements: Once a mutual agreement is reached, the mediating attorney drafts the necessary documents that accurately reflect the terms of the settlement for both parties to review and sign.
  • Confidentiality Maintenance: Ensures all discussions and agreements remain confidential, fostering a safe space for honest communication.
  • Child-focused Discussions: Prioritizes the well-being and interests of any children involved, often facilitating arrangements that focus on their stability and happiness.
  • Resource and Referral Provision: Offers resources and referrals for other professional assistance needed, such as financial advisors or mental health support, to ensure comprehensive support throughout the process.

By utilizing these methods, a mediator attorney significantly contributes to a smoother and more positive divorce process, particularly in the challenging landscapes of custody and family law disputes.

Why Choose the Law Offices of Korol & Velen

Our mediation attorneys have handled countless mediation proceedings since 1994. We have the knowledge and exceptional negotiation skills to ensure the settlement is in your best interest. Our lawyers listen to our clients’ concerns and are prepared to enlighten them in times of uncertainty.

We give guidance on decisions regarding their financial interests and strategies for practical, out-of-court custody and visitation agreements. We abide by our clients from beginning to end.

Contact Our Los Angeles Divorce Mediation Lawyers Today  

The Law Offices of Korol & Velen offers independent mediation services, including divorce cases where our firm does not represent either of the parties involved.

As a neutral third party, we are determined to keep the lines of communication open between the two parties to ensure that a mutually acceptable settlement is achieved. Ready to get started? Our firm is here to discuss your mediation needs, no matter how complicated or simple. Visit our Testimonials page to see what our clients say about working with our firm!

Put over 40 years of combined experience on your side today. Contact us online or give us a call at (818) 962-4669 to speak with our skilled Los Angeles mediation attorneys!

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