Divorce and Breaking the News to Your Children

One of the most difficult aspects of the entire divorce process is telling your children that you and your spouse will no longer be together.

Get Divorce Advice

Before you sit down to break the news, you and your spouse might want to meet with a counselor or therapist to discuss the best way to bring up the subject. You will want to base your approach on your children’s ages and personalities. Most couples speak to their childrentogether but you may choose to speak to your children individually. Each case will be different. You should do what feels the most comfortable and suitable for your circumstances.

How will this impact the children?

Regardless of their age, most children will want to know how the divorce will impact their lives – what will the new living arrangements be? Will you still have dinners together? How will social events like birthday parties and holidays change?

Children Need Reassurance

You need to reassure your kids that your love for them will never change, even though you and your spouse are not staying together. You will want to explain new short term and long term living arrangements. This includes if the house will be sold, whether one parent will move out, and where they will stay during the school year. You should emphasize that they are not the reason for your divorce. While you might feel tempted to share details of what caused the breakup, don’t. Don’t offer more information than the children want or need. Children should not be in the middle of things, nor do they want to be. You should also make every attempt to not bad-mouth they other spouse. Children should be allowed to love both parents unconditionally.

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