Sherri Shepherd Legal Separation

According to LA Superior Court filings, Sherri Shepherd, 47, has filed for legal separation from Lamar Sally, her husband of almost three years.

Legal Separation

Shepherd, who co-hosts on popular daytime talk show, “The View” married Sally in Chicago in August 2011. Documents for a legal separation were filed on May 2, 2014.

Unborn Son and Custody

In addition to their filing it also seems that a legal fight over their unborn son might be brewing. The court documents reveal they are expecting their son, Lamar Sally Jr., to be born on July 28. The baby is being born via a surrogate that Sally and Shepherd found last June. Sally is asking for full legal and physical custody of the baby. Shepherd has struggled with pregnancy in the past, but as a son, Jeffrey, 8, with ex-husband Jeff Tarpley. The two split after being married for nine years.

Sally’s Divorce Requests

In addition to his request for custody of the baby, Sally is also requesting that Shepherd only be allowed “reasonable” visitation rights. He has also requested an order that will prevent her from interfering with the baby being given to him after he is born.

Sally asked that Shepherd pay spousal support and his attorney fees. He has also requested that the couple’s prenuptial agreement be deemed “invalidated” because of fraud.

The use of a surrogate, and the fact that the child has not been born, can create some complicated decisions during a divorce proceeding. Additionally, it will have to be determined if a donor’s sperm, or Sally’s was used. If you find yourself in a similar situation it is best to consult a certified family law specialist that can help you build a strong case. A lawyer dedicated specifically to family law will help you wade through the grey areas of your situation.

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