Spitzer Divorce Settlement

Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s 2008 ex-wife Silda, who stood by him throughout his very public prostitution scandal, will receive a $7.5 million payout from their February divorce.

The Divorce Settlement

A post-marital agreement drafted in September and filed alongside the couple’s divorce papers shows that Mrs. Spitzer has secured a $7.5 million lump sum, occupancy of the couple’s Fifth Avenue apartment, a new car every five years, and cash for entertainment and activities. Along with this, Mrs. Spitzer will be able to hire a housekeeper and part-time assistant. Spitzer will have to pay his ex-wife $240,000 every year until she remarries or dies, as well as provide her with up to $100,000 annually for charity allowance. Reportedly, the court documents also include a confidentiality agreement regarding their marriage with a penalty of up to $375,000 for violations. Eliot Spitzer’s assets, according to the divorce documents, are valued at more than $46 million. He earned nearly $4.3 million in 2012 – compared to his wife’s $112,000 income.


Spitzer was New York’s attorney general from 1999 to 2006. He earned a reputation from aggressively prosecuting business people and boasting that he was a political “steamroller.” During his short term as governor (15 months) he enacted a law that extended the sanction for patronizing prostitutes from three months to one year in jail.

The Scandal Leading to Spitzer Divorce

Spitzer resigned from his role as governor in March 2008 with Silda by his side. In the scandal that toppled his career it was revealed that he reportedly paid well for nights of sex. As the New York Times reported, Ashley Alexandra Dupre, one of the women he spent time with, earned around $1,000 an hour. After the five-year statute of limitations expired for his well-publicized alleged crimes, Spitzer sought the 2013 Democratic nomination for New York City controller. He was unsuccessful.

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