Olympic Skier Bode Miller loses latest round in custody battle

Whenever a couple faces off in a child custody battle in the Los Angeles area, or anywhere else, there can be many factors that come into play, including where each parents lives and what kind of life and care each parent can provide. When a couple cannot come to an agreement then it can be left up to a court to decide.

Olympic skier Bode Miller has temporarily lost custody of his child after a judge in New York ruled that he be returned to his mother, who Mr. Miller dated in California last year. The boy’s mother moved to New York while she was still pregnant, but lost him after a California court ruled that she should not have left California while she was pregnant. However a New York appeals court reversed the decision in November.

The boy’s mother, Sara McKenna will be able to maintain custody of the boy at least until the next hearing in early December. The couple only dated for a short time and they have been in a battle over their son since the beginning. According to reports the ex-couple hasn’t even been able to agree on a name. Mr. Miller calls him Nathaniel, while Ms. McKenna calls him Samuel. Mr. Miller hopes to regain custody of the boy before he leaves for the Winter Olympics in Russia in February.

Anyone who finds him or herself in a child custody battle should probably not try to face that battle alone. Seeking the help of an experienced child custody lawyer is probably the best move one can make in this kind of situation.

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