Separations can cost women valuable income in a divorce

The complex world of separation and divorce is never an easy one. Many Los Angeles area couples opt for separations instead of divorce for various reasons. Some people choose this because they hope that their marriage can be salvaged and divorce will not be necessary. In some cases, this does happen but in others, it does not and either a long-term separation or divorce ensues.

While the idea of separating in order to save a marriage is a noble one, it can leave some women more vulnerable if a divorce ultimately happens. A media report recently discussed some potential pitfalls for women who choose a long-term separation instead of a divorce. The article asserts that women could end up obtaining a much lesser amount of spousal support and overall settlement in an eventual divorce if they have chosen length separations of a year, two or more.

There are a few factors that can affect this. One is because of the chance for financial circumstances to change—worsen—on the part of the husband during the separation. Additionally, during a separation, it is common to have to live and make ends meet with less income than when living with a spouse. If a court sees that a woman is able to successfully do this over a long period of time, they are less likely to make the same level of awards for spousal support or other factors than they may have otherwise.

Women considering a separation should be aware of the potential consequences to their ultimate standard of living. Consulting with an attorney may be a good way to help prevent the loss of necessary income and support down the road.

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