Lisa Mehos v. Manny Mehos Child Support Battle

Lisa Mehos, 38, must pay back the child support, totaling more than $50,000, she’s received since April of 2013. A judge ruled that Green Bank founder Manny Mehos, a multimillionaire, will no longer have to pay $5,000 a month in child support to his ex-wife in support of their two kids, 4 and 6.

The mother of the two children is unemployed and said she was “shocked” by the ruling that might cost her the Upper West Side apartment where she lives and raised the children.

On-going Child Support Battle

The couple’s custody fight made headlines in 2013 when Manny’s lawyer, Eleanor Alter, tried to use Lisa’s post-divorce abortion as evidence against her. Alter had subpoenaed Lisa’s medical records after she discovered the mother had undergone an abortion. Alter suggested it demonstrated Lisa as a hypocrite for having asked to have custody of the kids on Easter weekend rather than let their atheist dad have them.

Judge’s Support Ruling Based on Something Else

The decision made by the presiding Justice Lori Sattler to strip Lisa of custody had nothing to do with the abortion, but rather it was based on Lisa’s prescription drug abuse. Sattler found Lisa had not only lied to her, but to court experts, doctors and drug counselors about her problem. The ruling states Mehos “has routinely perpetrated deliberate falsehoods” in a quest to “hide her drug use.” Sattler’s ruling says Lisa was not honest about what drugs she was on when she was admitted to an outpatient facility last year and that she did not finish her treatment.

Kids to Move Back to Houston

The most recent ruling also allows Manny Mehos to move the kids back to Houston.

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