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Child Support Guidelines
Child Support Guidelines

If you are getting divorce, and you and your spouse have children, chances are one of you will need to pay child support. Below we outline what child support is, how it is usually decided upon, and what kinds of issues can arise. Child Support Child support is defined as a ...

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Blog posts in Child Support

  • Who's Not Paying Child Support?

    Despite the fact that child support payments are legally required to be paid, it seems that a number of parents are simply not making those payments. ...

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  • Making Money Work After the End of Your Marriage

    There are many reasons that marriages come to an end: infidelity, financial issues, a matter of growing apart. If you were able to achieve strong ...

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  • Taking Care of Your Credit After Divorce

    When Todd and his wife Mary decided to get divorced, their marriage had already been struggling for years. He worked too much, she didn’t work and the ...

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  • Sherri Shepherd To Pay Child Support

    It seemed Sherri Shepherd’s divorce was finally settled, but now a Pennsylvania appeals court has upheld a surrogacy contract that says the television ...

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  • Learning to Co-Parent

    What is co-parenting and how can you do it effectively? When two people decide it’s time to end their marriage, it’s often the child or the children ...

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  • Divorce for International Couples

    A bird may love a fish, but where will they live? And where will they divorce ? As more and more businesses look towards globalization, marriage has ...

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  • Paternity and Child Custody

    Are there paternity issues brewing for Chris Brown? It recently came out that Chris Brown is the father to a 10-month-old baby girl Royalty. While he ...

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  • Terrell Suggs Divorce and Accusations of Adultery

    Terrell Suggs, is not only facing divorce, but also accusations of adultery. Wife Seeking Divorce Candace Suggs, wife of the Baltimore Ravens ...

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  • Misconceptions Regarding Divorce and Child Custody

    Sometimes, especially when under the stress of recovering from divorce or a child custody dispute, people feel their own sense of right and wrong is ...

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