Some Basics About Paternity Tests

Besides just having legal proof that the father of a child is indeed the father, there are various legal reasons for why paternity tests might be ordered.

Financial Reasons for Paternity Tests

One such reason is for establishing paternity is for financial purposes. A mother in litigation for child support will need proof that a certain man is the father, especially if he denies it. This becomes increasingly necessary when applying for state aid, as a majority of states refuse to offer financial help unless a mother has already sought child support from the child’s father. Most states have measures in place to track down fathers that cannot be located and who may be avoiding paying child support by claiming they are not the father. At this point they would be required to take a court-ordered paternity test.

Paternity Tests are Helpful for Fathers

Paternity tests can be helpful for men wanting to know if the child is actually theirs. He might do this to either avoid paying child support for a child that is not his or to require both rights and financial responsibility for a child that is his. But paternity testing laws require that he take a court-approved and facilitated test in order to prove he is not the father of the child before he can avoid paying child support.

At-Home Paternity Tests

Though there are a multitude of “at home” tests that can be done, paternity testing law asserts that only tests taken in court-approved locations can be deemed as official. The law requires that only an approved official such as a laboratory employee can collect DNA and that neither parent is allowed to handle it, in order to prevent possible tampering. Because of this rule, results of home testing kits are not accepted in court.

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