Some More Common Errors with Divorce

couple getting divorced with papers

Divorce requires the completion of certain steps with the help of many professionals (attorneys, judges, court administrators, counselors, therapists, and mediators, etc.) to achieve a final goal. Sometimes the process can be long, difficult, and costly, but a solid understanding of the process is key to minimizing the necessary costs. Here are some common errors you’ll want to avoid:

Don’t Wait to Mediate in a Divorce

Mediation is always a viable option – available option for pro se clients (clients who choose to represent themselves, without the help of a lawyer) as well as clients represented by legal counsel. Mediation can bring significant financial savings and time-savings (sometimes saving thousands of dollars in legal fees). In fact, many states now require mediation prior to setting a trial date. If your spouse is cooperative and agreeable to working towards a fair settlement, why spend a considerable amount of money in litigation before taking mediation into consideration? Mediation also allows for both parties to draft the terms of their own settlement, rather than having the court set the terms.

Consult with a Financial Planner in a Divorce

If you don’t have a full grasp of your budget, you will underestimate your financial picture, which can greatly hinder you in determining support needs. Consulting with a professional financial planner can help you project all of your expenses as well as help you prepare an accurate budget as well as financial picture.

Pick Your Battles

Hasn’t there already been enough fighting? Create a list of the things you want and prioritize them in terms of intrinsic value. Are these things worth fighting for? And can you even afford to keep them? You’ll be able to use your list during your negotiations with your spouse, essentially establishing your own form of currency to trade. Equitable distribution does not always mean 50/50 fairness. You might want to trade something with lesser value to get something you really want.

Divorce is not an easy process to stay level headed through. You’ll want to arrive at every decision step with the most information and the clearest head possible.

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