Common Errors with Divorce

Divorce is a process, often a long one, requiring the completion of certain steps with the help of many professionals (attorneys, judges, court administrators, counselors, therapists, and mediators, etc.) to achieve a final goal. A solid understanding of the process is key to minimizing the necessary costs. When disputes get out of control the result can often mean a significant drain on your finances. Here are some common errors you’ll want to avoid:

Don’t use your divorce attorney as a therapist

Though the word “Counselor” is in “Counselors-at-law,” your attorney will not provide the type of counseling that your therapist will. Every call, every text, and every weekend-email you send are logged and billed at hourly rates. So make sure you clearly define your attorney and your therapist at the outset of your divorce, and use them for what they are intended to be used for – separately.

Don’t Go to Your Family Members or Friends for Legal Advice on Divorce

Of course you’re going to turn to your family and friends for emotional support. This is very often a necessity to surviving this difficult time in your life. But seeking legal advice from that same support network can have the opposite effect. For example, what worked for your sister’s divorce may not be the best decision for yours. The opinions and advice offered from friends and family can be emotionally driven and is rarely neutral.

Know the Divorce Attorney You Hire

How your attorney approaches each case can determine the flow of your case. Just think in terms of styles when you are deciding on your attorney – are they overly-aggressive or easy-going? How does their style work for what needs to be accomplished. If you and your spouse are willing, it might help to interview and engage collaborative-minded attorneys, who will work together to cooperatively as you reach your settlement.

Taking the time to think through the actual process of divorce will help you make well-informed, practical decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

For advice on divorce and common errors associated with it, you need the expert law firm of Korol and Velen, certified family law specialists. Schedule a consultation today.

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