Champion Deadbeat Dad

Raul Rodriguez Cardona might take the cake for world’s biggest deadbeat dad. The 48-year-old Rodriguez Cardona has not paid his monthly child support since 1996. Rodriguez Cardona was supposed to pay $563 each month. Since 1996 he has racked up a past-due bill of roughly $250,000. He is now facing 10 counts of felony failure to support child.

Fled Wisconsin for LA

The deceptive dad, having racked up the large debt in Wisconsin, fled the state and restarted a very successful life for himself in Los Angeles. Los Angeles police arrested him when he arrived at the Mountain Gate Country Club driving his Mercedes-Benz. Investigators from the Milwaukee County district attorney’s office had been keeping tabs on Rodriguez Cardona via surveillance. He was finally arrested by police and U.S. Marshals. “This arrest was possible because of the partnership and collaboration happening now that wasn’t happening before,” according to Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele. Abele added that Wisconsin supported legislature had increased funding for enforcement of child support violations.

Rodriguez Cardona’s New Life

Rather than staying current on his child support payments, Rodriguez Cardona has been re-building his career and portfolio with claims of being an “international celebrity trainer/coach.” His business – dubbed “Zero to Hero TV” and based out of Beverly Hills, promises “to make wellness accessible to everyone with education to avoid medication.” Rodriguez Cardona has also married a blonde model. The two have a 5-year old child. The deadbeat dad has touted himself as being “world-renowned, a veteran of top selling workout DVDs.” He advertises his “RodrigueSize System of fitness and nutritional integration.” He has coined the term “RodrigueSize.”

Public Internet Presence

“RodrigueSizing” made it easy for law enforcement to track him down. According to Milwaukee Assistant District Attorney Maureen Atwell, “He had a very public presence on the Internet.”

If convicted, Rodriguez Cardona faces up to 15 years in prison if he is convicted on all 10 charges. He also faces paying fines and restitution. He has waived extradition. He is expected to return to Milwaukee in early September.

Source: Latino Fox News, Deadbeat Dad Who Owes $250K In Child Support Busted At Swank L.A. Country Club, August 15, 2014

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