2014 Celebrity Divorces

2014 Celebrity Divorces

Here’s a list of the top celebrity divorces of 2014:

10. “Rizzoli & Isles” star Angie Harmon and former player for the NFL Jason Sehorn ended their 13 year old marriage.

9. Pat and Gina Neely, Food Network’s golden couple, decided to divorce after 20 years of marriage. In a joint statement, the two said, “This was a tough decision, but we believe it is the best decision for us.”

8. “Ty and I have always tried to live the most authentic life possible, and we wanted our separation as husband and wife to be nothing less loving than the way we came together,” wrote Jewel. The singer and rodeo star Ty Murray ended their divorce after being married for 6 years.

7. “Californication” star David Duchovny and actress Téa Leoni allegedly split up this year after 17 years of marriage.

6. Rock icon Neil Young filed for divorce from his wife Pegi in August. The two had been married for 36 years. She was a frequent collaborator on his songs.

5. In February, “Blurred Lines” singer Robin Thicke and actress Paula Patton announced they were ending their marriage of nine years. The official filing was done in October. “We will always love each other and be best friends, however, we have mutually decided to separate at this time,” the couple said in a joint statement.

4. Host of “America’s Got Talent,” Nick Cannon and singer Mariah Carey separated after 6 years of marriage. “There is trouble in paradise,” said the host. He added his “main focus” was the kids.

3. Melanie Griffith filed for divorce from spouse Antonio Banderas after 18 years of marriage.

2. Sherri Shepherd, formerly a co-host on “The View,” and Lamar Sally filed for divorce in May. The two have been locked in a custody battle over their son, which was delivered by surrogate in August.

1. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin “consciously uncoupled” after 11 years of marriage. With their announcement came a whole new way of looking at the divorce process.

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