Cannon - Carey Making Family Number One

Despite the couple’s separation, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are planning on making family “the number one priority” this holiday season.

Separation Confirmed

The America’s Got Talent host has confirmed the couple’s separation, while also saying that he and Carey, 45, will not let the dissolution of their marriage take a toll on the 3-year-old-twins, Moroccan and Monroe’s Christmas. “We’ll forever be family,” said Cannon, 34. “We’re there for our children, and are making them the number one priority and understanding that they’re loved and can have an amazing holiday.”

Divorce Lawyers

According to a source, Carey, has contacted divorce lawyers. While she has been working to “keep it together,” Cannon has focused on staying positive. “Ultimately, I would think that is what life is all about, to try to pursue happiness, and I try to wake up and take each day with a grain of salt, and say, ‘How can I be happy today?'” he said recently.

Co-Parenting During the Holidays

Co-parenting can be difficult during the holidays due to having to divide up time between parents. Working out a co-parenting schedule ahead of time, putting it in writing, and sticking to it while also understanding that things will happen, can help you get through the holidays without an argument. Working with a family law attorney to draft a co-parenting plan for the holidays can help you through any difficult negotiations.

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Sources: People, How Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey Are Handling the Holidays Post-Split, December 8, 2014

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