Frankie Valli's Divorce Might Leave Ex-Wife Singing a Blue Tune

The completion of Frankie Valli’s messy and murky divorce case might have just given the California Supreme Court a reason to sound a rejoicing song. But when it comes to splitting things up, his ex-wife might have been left with very different tune. Valli is best known for his singing days with the Four Seasons. He and his ex wife, Randy, were married for 20 years.

The Divorce Case Ruling

The state Supreme Court’s decision unanimously ruled that Randy, is not entitled to the full amount of a life insurance policy taken out on her ex-husband. The case was centered on Valli’s 2003 decision to buy a $3.75 million life insurance policy. The policy named Randy Valli as the sole beneficiary and was signed just before the couple separated.

Community Property Under California Law

After the divorce Randy Valli argued that the $400,000 value of the policy at the time was all hers. Family lawyers representing Frankie argued that under California divorce law the policy was community property, which was paid for with their joint money, and should be split evenly along with the rest of their marriage assets.

Supreme Case Reverses Appeals Court Decision

The case went to the Supreme Court in order to resolve the question of whether an insurance policy like this can be considered a wife’s separate property in divorce proceedings, or if it should be classified as community property. The justices reversed a previous appeals court decision, concluding it is community property in this instance.

“(Frankie Valli) never expressly declared in writing that he gave up his community interest in the policy bought with community funds,” wrote Justice Joyce Kennard.

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