Divorce Proceedings will not be a 'Swish' for NY Knicks Point Guard

New York Knicks’ point guard Raymond Felton and his wife are struggling to find middle court in their divorce case.

Felton and Ex-Wife Present During Divorce Proceedings

Lawyers for Felton, 29, and his law student wife Ariane met with Manhattan judge, Justice Deborah Kaplan, for close to four hours in an attempt to settle the divorce case, but the two sides couldn’t reach a deal. Felton and his wife both appeared in court for the proceedings. They sat at opposite sides of the courtroom and did not acknowledge each other as their lawyers went in and out of settlement talks with Judge Kaplan.

Allegations of Cheating

Ariane, 26, filed for divorce from her husband of only 19 months this February with charges he’d cheated on her.

A week after announcing the divorce she told cops he’d been waving around a gun during an argument. That case is still pending in court, but he was arrested and charged with felony weapons possession for allegedly owning an unregistered, Belgian-made semiautomatic handgun.

Him v. Her

Felton contends that under the terms of their prenuptial agreement, his wife isn’t entitled to any alimony and the matter is supposed to be heard by an arbitrator in his home state of North Carolina. But Ariane’s lawyers say that the terms set forth in the prenuptial agreement are rendered null and void if Felton cheated on her, which according to her lawyers, he did. The two sides are due back in court in July.

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