Considering Divorce

Marriage is Difficult

Marriage is difficult in ways you might now have been prepared for. And now, you find yourself considering the dreaded “divorce.” But is it the right step for you to take? You will never be able to answer “How can I be sure?” unless you go through it. Divorce is a personal decision, but here are some questions that might help you come to a decision.

Questions to Ask When Considering Divorce

  1. Am I just looking better relationship with my spouse?
  2. Have we exhausted all other options?
  3. Have we given it our all, whole-heartedly?
  4. Has there been another source of stress that is causing turmoil in our relationship? (Often this can be financial, or the result of a recent traumatic accident)
  5. Have I caused some of these difficulties? Am I willing to change?
  6. Has the relationship always had issues, or is this just a recent challenge we’re struggling to get through?
  7. Is it worth the effort to get through this challenge?
  8. Are my standards set impossibly high?
  9. Is there someone else?

Honest Answers

Only you can answer “should I get a divorce?” Once you’ve asked the questions above, be sure you provide honest answers that are made with an open and clear heart. In the end, you might find that rather than a divorce, you actually just need to make some tweaks (albeit sometimes large tweaks) to your marriage. You might also want to consider guidance from outside your marriage.

Next Steps

If you’ve concluded that you would like to move forward with a divorce, the next step would be to speak with a licensed attorney will be able to guide you in the next steps. Divorce can be an overwhelming process for more reasons than leaving your spouse. There can be a lot of things to arrange, and a lot of paperwork to sign. Hiring a divorce attorney can help ease the confusion of the “legal” portion of your divorce.

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