Jenner Divorce Settlement

Thought Kris and Bruce Jenner had no prenuptial agreement, they have spent months working out a divorce settlement that stipulates exactly what each spouse will get.

High Net Worth Divorce

Bruce Jenner’s net worth is estimated at roughly $100 million. Kris Jenner’s net worth is estimated to be worth about $125 million. Once Kris began to earn money through the management of her daughters’ careers she set up her own bank accounts, a fact that Bruce was fine with. Since the couple had maintained separate finances for years, there was not much that needed to be settled when it came time for the divorce.

Spousal Support

Because neither Kris nor Bruce wanted to pay the other spousal support, Kris requested Bruce’s ability to request spousal support to be terminated. The only financial complications in the divorce stemmed from Kris’s financial interests in the Kardashian sisters’ business deals – of which Kris gets 10% of the profits. It was agreed that Kris will give Bruce an additional $2 million of their joint assets for his agreement to waive any claims against future Kardashian endorsements and business deals.

Marital Property

Kris Jenner will buy our Bruce’s interest in the family home and continue living in it. Bruce will continue to live in the Malibu beach house he purchased when the couple separated in June. Bruce will receive $20 million in cash, while kris will receive $50 million. Both also have various investments and money set aside for retirement. The total amount is estimated to be $10 million each. Both Bruce and Kris will also retain ownership of their own jewelry and personal effects. Kris will retain ownership of five of the family’s luxury cars: a Rolls Royce, two Mercedes Benz, and a Range Rover. Bruce will own two of the family cars, including a Mercedes Benz.


The only child they share that is still a minor is 17-year-old Kylie. Kris and Bruce will share joint physical and legal custody of her.

The divorce petition was filed by Kris Jenner on September 22nd. Bruce Jenner’s response was filed the same day. Now that the divorce settlement has been agreed to, the divorce is pretty much a done deal.

Source: Examiner, Kris Jenner-Bruce Jenner divorce settlement: Details on money, property split, September 23, 2014

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