Divorce and Spreadsheets

It seems the Griffin divorce has come down to comparing spreadsheets.

In the latest update for the very public divorce battle between Ken Griffin, and his wife, Anne Dias Griffin, it seems lawyers have taken to comparing spreadsheets that detail payments between the two. The two were married for 11 years, and have three children together.

Forced to Sign a Prenuptial Agreement

While Anne alleges that she was forced to sign a prenuptial agreement, Ken, recently filed a petition in Cook County Circuit Court seeking a declaration that the couple’s signed agreement is indeed valid, binding, and thus enforceable. The petition states that Anne’s claims thats the prenuptial agreement is invalid because it was signed under duress “defies logic and common sense.”

Consulted Lawyers

Ken also claims his wife is so smart and well-educated that she not only signed the prenuptial agreement prior to their 2003 marriage, but that she also consulted with three top tier law firms before signing it. His petition also asserts the couple were in agreement to keep their property separate and waive their rights to an equal split of the remaining assets. The agreement between the two was, also, allegedly, that she would received a million dollars a year for every year they were married (and not separated). The filing also claims that Anne repeatedly employed lawyers to check her spreadsheets against the agreement, and that she was satisfied that the agreement matched the books.

What’s even more shocking, is that the petition states that at one time Anne checked her spreadsheet and discovered a $1.1 million overpayment of the prenuptial agreement, and thus repaid the money to her husband.

Public Divorce

The divorce has become a very public affair, which, according to James Feldman, a divorce attorney and board chairman of the Family Institute at Northwestern University is odd. He says, “Generally people with so much money go to great lengths to keep things private. It has always been common for people of wealth to have premarital agreements, but it is becoming increasingly common for people of more modest means to do so because the divorce rate is at 50 percent.”

A spokeswoman for Anne Dias Griffin says “Anne Dias Griffin stands by the pleadings she previously submitted to the court and will respond to Mr. Griffin’s motion at the appropriate time in court.”

Source: Chicago Sun-Times, Sneed: Griffin divorce waged with dueling spreadsheets, October 9, 2014

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