Is there a "Divorce Month"?

Curiosity caused us to take a closer look at the question, “is there a ‘divorce month’?”

“Divorce Month”

After further research, it appears there might be. Maybe it goes along with the colder temperatures, but it appears that the first month of the year might just be the most popular time to file for divorce. In fact, in some legal circles it’s been titled, “Divorce Month.” January has the most legal breakups, according to statistics published on And according to divorce lawyer James Gross of Maryland-based law firm Thyden Gross & Callahan, “Some attorneys take the last two weeks of the year off to get ready for the rush. January really does see a lot of divorces.”

But Why?

Certified divorce consultant Cathy Meyer, and founder of says that often couples have problems prior to the holidays, but holidays are meant to be a magical time, specifically for families with children. So if it’s not working by January, it’s probably time to move on. Parents use the holidays as a “last ditch effort” to try to repair their issues. But if it doesn’t work, January is the time to file.

July and August

There also appears to be an uptick in divorces in July and August – when parents are thinking of the beginning of the school year. If a child needs to be relocated, and thus reenrolled in a new school, that’s the time to do it.

Take Your Own Time

Just because there are some notable trends in “Divorce Months,” that doesn’t mean you should plan yours accordingly. The sad reality is that every month can be divorce month. As Courtney Stovall, founder of divorce community, says, “It’s important to divorce at the time that’s psychologically best for you. For most couples, the ‘best’ time is when they know they’ve done everything they could have done to make it work.”

Source: The Huffington Post, January: More Divorces Than Any Other Month? January 4, 2011

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