Khalifa-Rose Child-Custody Battle

The child-custody battle brewing between Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose has taken a nasty turn.

Child-Custody Battle

According to TMZ, the “Black and Yellow” rapper is seeking a greater share of child custody of 1-year-old son, Sebastian. Khalifa, 27, is alleging that that his estranged ex is a deadbeat mom would would rather go out partying than take care of her son.

Allegedly, Khalifa’s reps have put together a long list of complaints against Rose, 31, including a claim that Rose allows her dog to lick the boy’s face after it has eaten its own feces. Khalifa’s camp also alleges the model has made a habit of only hanging out with their son for a short amount of time in the morning before leaving him for family members or other caretakers for the remainder of the day.

Witness to Shouting Matches

According to TMZ, Khalifa is also alleging that Rose and her mom have a volatile relationship. The fights that occur between them often lead to “shouting matches and vulgar exchanges” that occur in front of Sebastian.

Changes to Child-Custody Agreement

The rapper is said to be making plans to file legal documents requesting a change to the couple’s child-custody agreement. Khalifa and Rose were married for 14 months. Rose filed for divorce last year, claiming that she had caught her husband cheating.

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Source: NY Daily News, Wiz Khalifa accuses Amber Rose of neglecting their son, wants greater custody: report, February 17, 2015

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