Raising Kids After Divorce

Raising kids is hard, but raising them after divorce, while attempting to learn how to “co-parent” after a divorce can be even more stressful.

Learning to Co-Parent After Divorce

A lot of things are different after divorce. It’s new land, this “single-dom.” And if you have kids, divorce can mean a whole new world of learning how to co-parent. In addition to figuring out the new schedule, there are new ways of communicating with both your child and the other co-parent. It will take some time to figure out this life. One of the biggest pieces of advice to keep in mind is: put your child first. This little tip will help you focus on what’s important when it comes to learning how to co-parent.

Other Advice

You’re not the first person to go through learning how to co-parent. Here’s what some other people have to say about learning this new process:

  • “Don’t talk badly about the other parent. Modeling good behavior by getting along with your ex is really critical to the kids’ stability.”
  • “Be consistent in everything you do. Be dependable, reliable and make them laugh. Often.”
  • “Be honest with your kids in an age-appropriate way.”
  • “Allow your kids equal time with both parents. They deserve it.”
  • “Never use your kids as a weapon, a go-between or a spy against your ex. And never talk negatively about the other parent near them or anywhere they can hear or see it (hint hint: Facebook).”

Working with a Divorce and Child Custody Attorney

Divorce and learning how to co-parent is hard. Sometimes you’ll need help negotiating the child custody arrangement. Working with a divorce and child custody attorney can help you iron out a schedule that works with you and the other co-parents needs while also putting the needs of your child first.

For questions regarding divorce and child custody contact the Law Offices of Korol and Velen, Certified Family Law Specialists.

Source: The Huffington Post, The 18 Best Things You Can Do For Your Kids After Divorce, February 17, 2015

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