Terrell Suggs Divorce and Accusations of Adultery

Terrell Suggs, is not only facing divorce, but also accusations of adultery.

Wife Seeking Divorce

Candace Suggs, wife of the Baltimore Ravens linebacker has filed for divorce. The two have been married for two years and have two children aged 6 and 7.

Full Custody

Candance is seeking full custody of the two children in addition to child support and alimony. The divorce petition she filed in December states that the “Defendant has committed adultery during the marriage and the Plaintiff has not forgiven, or condoned the adulterous conduct.”

But Terrell’s attorney, Thomas C. Ries, says that the football player remained faithful to his wife until they separated nearly a year ago.

“The allegations she makes concerning Mr. Suggs occurred well after they separated,” said Ries. “They were no longer in love and they no longer wanted to be married to one another.”

Accusations of Domestic Violence

Candace Suggs, nee Williams, previously accused Terrell of domestic violence. Prior to their marriage in 2009, she filed a request for a protective order. She claimed he had hit her and also spilled bleach on her and their then-1-year-old son. After reconciling, she rescinded the protective order.

But then again, in 2012, Candace accused him of punching her in the neck and then dragging her behind his car. He was attempting to drive away with their two children. The temporary protective order, granted by the Baltimore County Circuit Court, required him to turn over seven guns, including an AK-47.

But less than a month later, the two were married, and Candance asked that the protective order be lifted.

Pre-nuptial Agreement

According to Ries, the couple signed a confidential pre-nuptial agreement that will dictate the termsof the divorce. Terrell recently filed his response to the divorce. In it he requested joint custody of the children.

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Source: The Baltimore Sun, Terrell Suggs’ wife files for divorce, accuses him of infidelity, February 13, 2015

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