Common and Crazy Reasons for Divorce

There is never one reason for divorce. But there are some crazy sounding reasons.

Common Reasons for Divorce

By now we’re all familiar with the common reasons for divorce. Whether you’ve had a family member go through a divorce or a friend, the stories can sound familiar.


Affairs are not just the stuff of TV shows and movies, they happen in real life. Chances are you know someone that’s had one, or someone that has been hurt as the result of one. While some couples do manage to bounce back from infidelity, it can be impossible for others.

Financial Issues

Money and Wedding Rings

Financial troubles can spell big problems for a marriage – big stressful problems that can be damaging for a couple to work through. According to researchers at Kansas State University, there was a strong correlation between early money arguments and marital dissatisfaction years down the road. The study also found money to be “top predictor for divorce” regardless of income and wealth levels.

Married Too Quickly

The time you dated prior to getting married may have an impact on your wedded bliss says a study from Emory University. According to the study, a couple that dates for three years prior to getting married is 39 percent less likely to get divorced than a couple who dated for less than one year.

Drinking Habits

We all know that binge drinking can be dangerous for a person’s health, let alone the health of a marriage. But maybe having a partner that drinks heavily when you don’t is another thing to blame for a faltering marriage. A University of Buffalo study found marriages are more likely to end up in divorces if one spouse is a heavy drinker. That’s not the case for spouses that are both heavy drinkers. That could mean it’s more in the habits than the actual alcohol itself.

The Prenup Question

Raising the prenup question can be a tough one. It can feel like you’re flat out saying, “this marriage will end in divorce.” And if you spent more time thinking about your prenup than your honeymoon, chances are you might not be as happily married as you’d hoped. W. Bradford Wilcox from the New York Times says that the desire to sign a prenup is usually a self-interested act. And the National Center for Family and Marriage Research found couples who do not share a bank account are 145 percent more likely to end up divorced.


Resentment is defined as the experience of a negative emotion (anger or hatred for instance) felt as a result of a real or imagined wrong done. Maybe it’s the fact that your spouse never closes a drawer and knows it bugs you. Or maybe it’s the fact that he or she never calls to just say “I love you.” Maybe he’s met a bunch of new friends and wants to hang out with them. Maybe she’s taken up a new hobby that is stealing all her attention. There are a million reasons for resentment in a relationship. But perhaps that feeling is the number one underlying reason that marriages fail.

It’s also interesting to note the types of behaviors that stem from resentment: cheating, drug and alcohol use to tame feelings, anger or rudeness, passive aggressive behavior.

Divorces All Around You

If you have a lot of family and friends divorcing around you, chances are, according to a study published in Social Forces Journal, you’re chances for divorce increase 75 percent. The researchers write, “Individuals who get divorced may influence not only their friends, but also their friends’ friends as the propensity to divorce spreads.”

Crazy Reasons for Divorce

As you can see, divorce can happen for any number of reasons and any combination of those reasons. But what about the weirdest reasons for divorce? Take a look at some of these:

Hated the Movie “Frozen”

By now we definitely all hate the theme song from Frozen, “Let it Go,” but one woman took the idea of letting it go to heart. A woman in Japan divorced her husband after learning he did not care for the film. According to the U.K’s Metro news, she said, “If you can’t understand what makes this movie great, there’s something wrong with you as a human being,” and demanded a divorce.

Too Much Sex

An Indian mad cited his wife’s insatiable sex drive as his reason for wanting a divorce. He told a court his wife was “aggressive, stubborn and autocratic,” and forced him to take medication to boost his sexual stamina. She also threatened to sleep with other men if he failed to satisfy her. This is almost like promised infidelity…

The Parrot Spilled the Beans

Parrots are known for their ability to repeat common sayings. Who knew that a parrot could also destroy a marriage. A Chinese woman learned of her husband’s infidelity from the couple’s pet parrot when it started saying the words “divorce,” “I love you,” and “be patient.” She took the parrot with her to the divorce attorney.

A Horse, Of Course

Parrots aren’t the only ones to get in the way. Apparently horses can too. According to Emirates 24/7 News, a man decided to divorce his wife after he found a photo of her kissing a horse online. The wife was unapologetic, and responded saying the photo showed her love for Arabian horses and she didn’t want to be with a man who thinks that kissing a horse means cheating.

Divorce Attorney

Whatever your reason is for getting divorced, you’ll want to work with a divorce attorney. They can be especially helpful when resolving agreements on marital property, child support and visitation, and spousal support. Here are some more reasons for hiring a divorce attorney:

Get Expert Advice

Unless you are a divorce attorney yourself, chances are you are not familiar with your state’s laws regarding child custody and support issues, substantial income, debts, assets or future assets (including inheritance, etc.). An attorney will protect your interests in a divorce.

Reduce Stress

You’ll need to gather information for your attorney, but after that he or she can handle all the legal stuff. You can focus on taking care of yourself and your family. Let your attorney handle the things you might not necessarily understand so you can take care of the things you care about the most.

Avoid Making Mistakes

The legal stuff is complicated and this is no time for you to try and figure out your state’s laws. There’s no way you will be able to think clearly about your divorce settlement. You’ll need the help of someone that is outside of the relationship that can keep track of issues like medical or credit card debt. If you make a mistake or underestimate or overestimate the value of an asset, you can significantly impact the divorce proceeding, thus causing financial harm. An attorney assures you that the case is handled from the get go.


A divorce attorney will be able to explain everything thoroughly to you so you never sign off on something you didn’t fully understand. Also, you can be assured that the documents presented in court will be accurate based on your conversations with your lawyer. All legally binding contracts will be free of errors or unclear language that may make the agreements difficult or impossible to enforce.

Avoid Delays

Completing forms completely and accurately – with all the correct information and documentation can be difficult. An attorney that is familiar with this paperwork knows when you need to provide more, or when you have provided too much. Issues with paperwork can cause delays and bounce-backs from the court, just further delaying the finalization of your divorce. An attorney can ensure all paperwork is properly filled out and filed so that you can get your divorce completed as quickly as possible.

Working with a Divorce Attorney

Divorce can be overwhelming for so many reasons, not just emotionally, but also financially, and legally. You will want to work with a certified family law attorney like the ones at the Law Offices of Korol and Velen, Certified Family Law Specialists. If you are facing a divorce, you should work with a divorce attorney that will take a vested interest in your specific situation and advise you on what you might face in a divorce regarding property division, child support and custody, and alimony. They will be able to advise you on your options. A divorce attorney will provide support and guidance as you work towards ending your marriage.

For advice on divorce, you need the expert law firm of Law Offices of Korol and Velen, Certified Family Law Specialists.

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