How Women Becoming Breadwinners has Impacted Child and Spousal Support

This shift in women becoming primary breadwinners in the family has influenced the amount of time children spend with their fathers. And with this trend there comes a new impact on family law, child support, and spousal support.

Fathers as Primary Parent

Fathers are now assuming the role of primary parent and caretaker in the family on a day-to-day basis. What this means is dad is the one picking up kids from school, scheduling after school activities, and making sure homework is done. And when a family goes through a divorce there is no longer an assumption that dad is the primary family income earner. Moms now no longer “automatically” get primary physical custody and receive child or spousal support.

Moms Now Responsible for Paying Child Support and Spousal Support

Now that more moms are assuming the primary breadwinner role, there is a legal expectation that the wife would now be responsible for child support and possibly spousal support. Factors that impact child support and spousal support determinations generally include the length of the marriage, one of the spouse’s need for financial support when the household is divided, and the other spouse’s ability to pay. So, if the wife makes more money than her husband, then she will also face the real and fair possibility of paying spousal support.

Easier to Work Out Child Support and Spousal Support without Court

While custody and child support laws are gender neutral, it is always better if you are able to work out financial arrangements between you and your ex-spouse without involving a court. A family law attorney can help with negotiations in creating a settlement that fully addresses the financial needs of the family.

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