Divorcing Wife That's Married to Another Man

A man in St. Louis County, MO is looking to divorce his wife. But he just found his wife is already married.

Marriage Number Five

Ken Cherry met his wife, Susan Bozich, 11 year ago. They were married in 2005. And then last year, Cherry decided to file for divorce. It was after Cherry hired an attorney, who then hired a private investigator, that he found out the extent of the situation he was in.

The private investigator, Rick Burrows, discovered that Bozich was still married to her ex. Borrows said: “I started looking for the divorce file from husband number four. I couldn’t find it. So I found him. I said `Did you two ever get divorced?` He (said) ‘No.”

Consent Judgment to Void Marriage

Because of his wife’s previous and current marriage Cherry is unable to get a formal divorce. A family law judge issued a ‘consent judgment,’ which declares a ‘void marriage.’ The agreement has been signed by both Cherry and Bozich. When describing the nine years they were “married,” Cherry says he feels as if they were “Wasted. There was some good, just not the marriage part.”

Still Married

Bozich is now on a free dating web site, claiming she is ‘single.’ But according to Burrows, she’s still married. According to him “There’s been nothing as far as a divorce file between her and number four.”

A similar case was recently tried in St. Francois County, MO. Despite the fact that the marriage was years prior, the prosecutor in that case was able to obtain a conviction by citing that the statute of limitations should begin once the bigamy is discovered. Cherry says he was made aware of the bigamy around the time the judge ruled his marriage ‘void’ on December 11th, 2014.

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Source:, During divorce, man realizes wife of nine years was already married, February 4, 2015

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