Some Questions to Ask Before Seeking a Divorce Attorney

When most people enter into marriage they expect and hope that they never have to utter the word “divorce,” let alone start looking for a divorce attorney. Most are filled with hope and enthusiasm, determined to have the marriage that lasts till death really does do you part.

Marriage is Difficult

But oftentimes marriage is difficult in ways that you were not remotely prepared for. And while there are many books and guides to help there isn’t a set road map that gets handed out to each couple on the alter. Some couples can navigate the bumps, while others get completely stuck and unable to get out of the ditches. It’s hard to know exactly if divorce is for you. You can never answer the “How can I be sure?” without going through it. Divorce is a personal decision and only you can know what will work for you.

Some Divorce Questions that Might Help

However, there are some questions that might help you sort out some answers for you. Here’s a few:

  1. Do I want a divorce or rather just a better relationship with my spouse?
  2. Have we sought good help and given it our all?
  3. Is this strain in our relationship the result of severe stress? (examples of stressors include: unemployment, infertility, or a miscarriage)
  4. Have I turned the mirror on myself and looked at how I have played a role in these difficulties?
  5. Was this just a big mistake from the start or have we just met a big challenge we can’t get through?
  6. Are my standards for marriage or my spouse set impossibly high?
  7. Is there someone else?
  8. Do I still love my spouse?

Honest Answers When Considering Divorce

Only you can answer these questions for yourself. Be sure that you answer them honestly and with an open and clear heart. You might find that you are willing to make some tweaks to your feelings or even seek outside guidance for your marriage. If you come to the conclusion that divorce is the answer for you a licensed attorney will be able to guide you in the next steps.

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