Advice: Bringing up a Prenup

It’s often advised that before any marriage you sign a prenup. But how do you bring that up with your future spouse?

Prenup Without the Stigma

Prenuptial agreements, though once surrounded by stigma, no longer come with the assumption that you’re gonna take your guy for all he’s worth – especially if he’s worth a lot. The trend in couples marrying later on in life makes it only logical that both parties in the marriage would have accred significant wealth and assets by the time they wed. It only makes sense that you would want to protect that should your marriage turn out to be not so happily-ever-after.

Be Frank, with Frank

The best thing you can do is be frank about wanting to sign a prenuptial agreement. There’s a reason you’re bringing it up, and you should state it. And don’t be afraid to look at it as a positive. Prenuptial agreements give you both the opportunity to decide what happens to your money (rather than a judge). Putting together an agreement also forces couples to plan for their financial future. When signing the agreement, you will both need to fully disclose your assets and sources of income – either from your jobs or from monetary gifts such as inheritances. Once it’s all out there, both you and your future spouse, and your lawyers will then decide how that money will either be divided, invested, or spent.

Additional Prenuptial Tips

Here are some additional tips when finalizing your prenuptial agreement:

  • Use a family law attorney that is familiar with not only drawing up prenuptial agreements, but also the laws of the state you’ll be living in.
  • Know that you are not able to waive child support payments in a prenuptial agreement.
  • Make sure the agreement is in writing had the signing has been witnessed by a lawyer. A copy of the contract should be kept with an independent lawyer, CPA, or in a safety deposit box.

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