Men Seeking Spousal Support

It’s becoming more and more common for a husband to care for the children while his wife goes to work. While there might have been a social stigma associated with this arrangement in the past, it’s become a source of praise now, where men are seen as being supportive of their partner’s ambitions and careers. With this new trend there comes a new increase in men seeking spousal support.

Financially Dependent Men = Increase in Men Seeking Spousal Support

It goes without saying that as the numbers of “house-husbands” increase the number of financial dependent husbands is also increasing. And with that there comes an increase in men now seeking spousal support when their marriage comes to an end. But it seems these men are also often more willing to dismiss their requests than their wives are.

Why Are Men More Apt to Waive Spousal Support Claims?

Men might be more inclined to give up spousal support in lieu of long-term financial security that might come with pursuing other options. One example of this “better option” might be if the husband seeks a larger portion of the property distribution. They can then invest that rather than receive the monthly support check. Another “better option” might be if the husband is not able to pay child support. In exchange they may decided that waiving spousal support will be better financially. Often, and despite social taboos being distorted by the new arrangement, some men just don’t want to feel they are financially dependent on their ex-spouse. While a man might not be able to put his pride aside, women are typically unwilling to forgo at least some level of support if they feel they are entitled to it and have filed for it.

Legal Rights For Both Genders

Regardless of what the decision is legal rights are equally afforded to men and women. And the statutory requirements are most often the same. So if a mother decides she wants to “bring home the bacon” while her husband takes a more “stay-at-home dad” role then he at least deserves the same rights of the mom if the roles were switched.

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