10 Things You Might Want to Say to Your Children During Your Divorce

Divorce can be an overwhelming experience for you and your spouse, but it’s truly important to remember the innocent bystanders watching and listening – your kids.

Here are just a few words of advice to offer children in order to help ease any tension or stress they may be feeling.

It’s not the children’s fault

Children are always going to want to look for a reason and one place they may turn is inward. It’s unpredictable how a child might perceive the situation – maybe even turning the smallest of off hand comment into the reason why they might be to blame.

Children’s feelings are natural

Emotions run the gamut for both adults and children in divorce situations. Children of all ages need to know their feelings are natural whether they feel sad, angry, hurt, or even happy, and that these feelings may fluctuate throughout the day and over time. Outside support from a qualified mental health professional also exists if a child’s perceptions become irrational to the point of being self-destructive.

Both you and your spouse still love them

It’s important to reassure children that the divorce is between you and your spouse, not between you and them. While living arrangements will most likely change, the love between you and your child will not.

Having divorced parents does not change who you are

Remind your children that just because you are divorcing, they are still the same person they were before and that the divorce does not reflect on them.

Marriage can be wonderful

You should explain to your child that just because your marriage may not have worked out, not all marriages fail. No two situations are ever the same, and history does not have to repeat itself. Marriage can be a beautiful thing between two people and can be beautiful for them and their future spouse.

Life continues

Parents and children will survive divorce. Divorce can be a positive experience for everyone involved, allowing for a second chance and happiness.

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