The Griffin Divorce Heats Up

Hedge-fund billionaire Kenneth Griffin filed for divorce from Anne Dias Griffin in July. But now Anne Dias Griffin is alleging in Cook County Circuit Court that the premarital agreement is not valid and should thus, be declared invalid and not be enforceable. She is asking the court to award her an equitable share of the couple’s property. she is also seeking sole custody of their three children with “reasonable visitation” for her ex husband.


In a recent court filing, Anne Dias Griffin alleges that Ken Griffin coerced her into signing the prenuptial agreement just three hours before their 2003 wedding rehearsal dinner, thus leaving her no time to properly review the agreement. She said that if the signed premarital agreement was enforced, it would deprive her of legal rights that are “potentially worth billions of dollars.” This would leave her an estate worth about 1 percent of her husbands net worth which has been estimated at more than $5 billion. According to the filing, he acquired “substantial” assets during the marriage.

Prenuptial Agreement

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