California man fighting for custody of son given up for adoption

When a couple with children in Los Angeles decides to split up, most likely there will be a battle over who gets custody of their children. There are many legal implications that need to be considered, especially when the couple never married and are no longer together.

A California man is battling for custody of his son who was reportedly given up for adoption without his permission. The 19-year-old man and the mother of their three-month-old son broke up while she was still pregnant, however the man claims he still supported her throughout the pregnancy. According to the man he got the woman and the unborn child an apartment and financially supported her while she was still expecting. According to California law the man’s actions are enough to be considered the alleged father of the child.

However, the birth mother denies all of the man’s claims. She says that he was not there to support her in any way, which prevented him from having the opportunity to sign a declaration that he was the father. Likewise, he was not allowed to sign the boy’s birth certificate. Now the man is taking his case to the Orange County Justice Courts, in order to try to win custody of his son.

When parents face a child custody battle there is always the possibility that the situation will become contentious. Even though parents typically want what’s best for their children, they can’t always come to an agreement on what that is. When that happens seeking the help of an experienced child custody lawyer is probably a good idea.

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